Friday, 30 October 2015

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The Simuliid Bulletin and Archives

The Simuliid Bulletin Pages

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These pages have been set up specifically to enable the world to access the Simuliid Bulletin and its predecessors The British Simuliid Group Bulletin and Newsletter archives.

The British Simuliid Group was inaugurated in 1978 to bring together entomologists, freshwater biologists, medics and laymen who were interested in the biology and control of blackflies (Diptera: Simuliidae) and the diseases that they carry. The Group held annual meetings and published an annual cyclostyled Newsletter between 1979 and 1987, when it was replaced by the more formal printed Bulletin. The Bulletin appeared twice a year until August 2015 (Issue No. 44), when the Group was disbanded. The BSG Bulletin has now been replaced by the renamed Simuliid Bulletin to reflect its growing international scope.

The Archives consist of indexes and copies of all the publications in searchable .pdf format. They can be read on-line and downloaded if required. It is suggested that you consult the indexes first, then go to the Issue containing the information you require. There is no index to Issues 33 to 44. Newsletters and Bulletins are contained in separate folders, and can be consulted by  clicking on the link below or on the Archives Tab above.

Issue number 45 was the first under the new title "The Simuliid Bulletin" and was published at the end of January 2016. It, and subsequent numbers, are available via the Archive Tab above or the link below.

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